How to get a career in open source

“The good news is that the open source world is brimming with
opportunities for many different kinds of roles. While you might
worry that companies are only looking for programmers who can code
C with one hand tied behind their back, this isn’t actually the

“Programmers, artists, designers, documentation writers,
testers, business development and sales, plus many more, are all
options available to you. The challenge isn’t finding the right
job; it’s putting yourself in a position in which you have
everything the employer could possibly want in a candidate.

“Part of the reason that I was keen to write this article is
that I’m lucky enough to have my dream open source job: I work as
Ubuntu’s community manager. Not only this, but I’ve also had two
other dream jobs too, as both a full-time journalist and
professional open source consultant. It really is possible to get
the gig you want – it’s all down to hard work and effort.”

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