I’ll Use Linux When $App Magically Appears

“Try Web surfing dozens of different sites without Flash– it
might shock you how much the modern Web depends on dratted Flash. I
keep trying Gnash and SWfdec. They work on some sites, but not all
of them. So I need to support the Gnash and SWfdec projects and
help them mature. Gnash is on the FSF’s High Priority Free Software
Projects list.

“That’s a very small example, the idea is to help make the
future happen. Don’t just wait for someone to develop what you
need. If your business relies on a certain important piece of
software, there is probably a FOSS alternative. If it isn’t quite
what you need, support it and help it become more useful. You’re
building your own escape from lock-in, overpriced restrictive
licenses, and insane EULAs when you do that.”


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