InfoWorld: Apache founders hit Vegas in search of cash

“In a town that thrives on sucking money out of peoples’
pockets, it was ironic to see Brian Behlendorf, co-founder and
president of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), taking the stage
here Sunday to discuss the status of the Apache, the prominent Web
server that the ASF simply gives away.”

“…Behlendorf said the ASF may need to look for a little
cash to keep up with the demands that developing the leading Web
server requires. “We have found some things that we may actually
have to go out and pay for,” Behlendorf said. “We might take
donations and pay for certain things, like advocacy.”

Behlendorf pointed to a couple of areas in particular where the ASF
has struggled in the past. “We don’t have someone who is dedicated
to full-time evangelizing,” Behlendorf said.”

“Although Behlendorf and others from ASF meet the public on
occasion, he is looking for the ASF to benefit from a heavier
marketing presence. He also said that ASF may begin to be seen as
on old boy’s club of sorts. Behlendorf hopes to bring some fresh
blood into the group… In addition, the ASF will look to increase
its hardware compatibility. “As much as we like to make fun of NT
[Windows NT], it is really nice to have Apache run really well on

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