InfoWorld: Open Source or Outsource?

“One of the proverbial back stories of IT operations has always
been the battle between the “suits” and the ‘techies.’ From the
techie point of view, the hapless but disturbingly powerful suits
are the business guys who put more thought into picking out
hundred-dollar silk ties at Nordstrom than they put into
million-dollar IT decisions. Worse, the suits gravitate towards
outsourcing and service firms that implement big-dollar solutions.
Many techies start on the other end of the spectrum with free open
source solutions that reflect a substantial DIY ethic. Will the
twain ever meet?

“While they might seem like opposite ends of a continuum, I’m
finding the ‘open source or outsource’ question at the center of my
IT decision-making process these days. My team is still
implementing scalable and flexible systems that I’m confident will
serve the needs of our business for the foreseeable future, but I’m
buying very little software these days…”