Internet Week: Think Big Picture

“Incorporating E-Commerce Sites Into Core Business Systems Has
Made Transaction Processing More Important Than Ever.”

“Simply defined, transaction processing encompasses any request
that requires an automated response. This includes everything from
updating customer records to electronic funds transfers and issuing
payroll checks.”

“Typically, companies turn to middleware from vendors like BEA
Systems, IBM, Oracle and Sybase to run transaction processing
systems… “BEA has at least 60 percent of the [transaction
processing] market…”

“To meet the increased interest in Linux, BEA has added Linux
support to both Tuxedo and WebLogic. Recently, the company put a
trial version of Tuxedo on its Web site for visitors to

“… Carges contends there is pent-up demand for companies that
want to build mission-critical apps on top of Linux.”

“Growing user interest in Linux aside, the Internet now has
the greatest impact on transaction processing.”