Interview with Ron Hovsepian

“Jim Zemlin: …Let’s talk a little bit about that without
pinning you down into making any kind of forward-looking statements
on this call. Let’s talk a little bit about the Linux business and
the strategy you’ve chosen more deeply. You’ve been posting some
pretty impressive numbers lately–had very good sequential
quarter-over-quarter growth in your Linux business, one of the big
bets that the company has made. How do you see that business
growing? How do you see competition in the marketplace?

“Ron Hovsepian: We’re very excited with the performance of the
team in terms of from a revenue dimension, which is only one
measurement that we look at in the business and an important one
from an investor perspective. What we’re seeing is year-over-year
if you really look at ’06 to ’07, we use a leading indicator of
what we call our invoicing. Novell grew 200% in the SUSE Linux
marketplace year-over-year from an invoicing perspective. So, we’re
absolutely thrilled with that from that point of view…”