IT-Director: Microsoft still flying high, but vulnerable to Linux

“Microsoft is able to milk this market in a highly profitable
manner for the time being and we expect the same effect to ensure
reasonable if not excellent results for Microsoft in the next two
quarters. Beyond that we are unsure.”

“…we believe that time is now running short for Microsoft as
the price it now charges for the Windows license is excessive
compared to all the other components of a PC. The immediate effect
is that it profits substantially and accidentally from the dramatic
growth of the Internet. In the medium term PC and internet device
vendors are going to Linux for their next generation products,
because the price that Microsoft charges is prohibitive. From a
business perspective, a deep cut in the license price of Windows is
long overdue and with Internet-prompted PC growth, Microsoft was
provided with a golden opportunity. It seems now to have missed the
boat. Watch as Windows gets increasingly marginalised.”