IT-Director: Windows NT promotes Linux!

“Linux began life as an upstart with no credibility in the
mainstream market. Who was going to run a major enterprise on a
free operating system, written by a student? … What has been most
impressive about Linux in the last few months is the way it is
repeatedly mentioned in the same context as Windows NT. This is a
startling turnaround.”

“The modern equivalent of the gladiatorial combat seems to be
the competitive benchmark. Battles between Linux and NT taking
place in evaluation labs have generated huge public interest. …
Yet the really interesting fact is that Microsoft is keen to
participate in these events. The company is effectively willing to
endorse Linux as a serious alternative to Windows NT.

Meanwhile, other major vendors play supporting roles in the same
story. Hewlett-Packard has just announced the porting of its WebQoS
product to Windows NT and Linux. … Again, NT and Linux are
mentioned in the same breath.”