Lindows.com: Can I Answer My Phone Without Paying $124,000?

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for this link. ]

“After the revelation last week that Microsoft seems to be
playing a role in funneling cash to SCO to attack Linux, it should
be obvious to even the most casual observer that Microsoft will do
anything to try to halt Linux. This shouldn’t surprise anyone,
given Microsoft executives’ track record of breaking the law, and
the many books chronicling their unethical behavior over the last
two decades. Routinely we see Microsoft threatening companies that
we interact with in the computer business who want to support
desktop Linux by withholding technical support, withdrawing market
development funds, threatening lawsuits, and more.

“In our own battles, Microsoft is trying to shut us down using
any tactic, and since our web site is our outlet to the world, they
have attacked us there. Two years ago they asked a US court to shut
down our website, and they were denied. They tried again in the US
and again they were denied. More than a year later, they snuck off
to Finland and with no notice to us, and asked the courts there to
block the Lindows website. (They did not reference the US

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