Linux 2.6.38 Boosts Performance

[ Thanks to SMK for this link.

“The second major Linux kernel release of 2011 is now available,
offering open source users enhanced performance over its

“The Linux 2.6.38 kernel goes a step beyond what Linux
developers provided in the 2.6.37 kernel released earlier this
year, by eliminating the last main global lock, which further
unlocks Linux performance.

“‘There are many performance enhancements that went into 2.6.38,
Transparent Hugepages is one of those noticeable features,’ Tim
Burke, vice president of Linux Engineering at Red Hat told
InternetNews.com. ‘To give you a better idea of how important Red
Hat considers transparent hugepages, Red Hat led the initial
upstream implementation in the timeframe to include in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6. We continue to evolve the types of memory use
cases to be fully covered by transparent hugepages.'”

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