Linux.com: Gentoo in the Server Room?

“When people think of Gentoo Linux, they usually associate it
solely with Linux gurus who love to tinker with their operating
system–strictly on a desktop level, of course. But while it may be
a challenging distraction for home users, Gentoo Linux is
increasingly being used on Web servers–a task traditionally
relegated to BSD variants (FreeBSD, primarily) and commercial
GNU/Linux distributions (Red Hat, primarily) as well as Windows. Is
Gentoo truly ready for ‘real’ work? Is it just some silly
distraction for programmers, or can you really use this
source-based operating system to your advantage in a production

“Before the hosting service company offered Gentoo-based servers
for their various hosting services, FreeBSD was the operating
system of choice for most of Tek Alchemy’s customers. Nowadays most
customers request Gentoo Linux on the machines they’re paying to

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