Linux.com Live!: Commercial Linux Games: Where are they?

“On Monday February 26th Linux.com Live! held an IRC event
titled “Commercial Linux Games: Where are they?” At this event we
got to see and talk with two companies who have soon to be released
games coming to our favorite platform. Representatives of BioWare
and Creature Labs, showed up to discuss their Linux ports of
NeverWinter Nights and Creatures 3 respectively….”

“After the introductions, a bit of chaos, and finally some
moderation it became clear who we had with us: Trent Oster, Don
Yakielashek, Scott Greig and Brad Grier from BioWare, and Lisa de
Araujo from Creature Labs. I was disappointed that Creature Labs
did not send any developers, but Lisa, their marketing manager,
covered things fairly well. We also had a few unexpected guests,
including some current and past, Loki Entertainment software
developers, the leading game porting company.”

“The first point that came up was the progress of the Win32
platform versus Linux, and how the companies synchronizes the two.
BioWare develops nearly simultaneously, the Linux side often
trailing slightly behind….”


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