Linux.com: Networking for Small Businesses

You’ve got a small business and are looking to increase
your productivity. One of the things you know you’ve got to have is
Internet access for all your computers.
Until now you’ve been
tying up the fax phone line to dial up one computer at a time, but
with your business expanding and potential customers emailing you
all the time, you know there’s got to be a better way.”

“Back on the corner table in your office is that old computer
you shoved aside to make room for the Shiny New Computer that’s So
Fast You’ll Never Need To Upgrade Again (didn’t you say that about
the last one?). You’ve been wondering what to do with it… Give it
away? Take it home for your kids to take apart? Paperweight?
Doorstop? Considering it cost three times what you laid out for the
current one, you’ve been loath to part with it. The little ‘Don’t
throw away anything that cost more than $2000’ voice has been
telling you that you’ll find something you can do with it

“That day is today. Today, you’ve gotten your high-speed
Internet connection installed (yes, it really was worth the
six-week wait for the telephone company to insert that little piece
of copper). Today, you’re determined to network all the computers
in your office so that your secretary can check the company email
while you file your taxes online with your accountant and your
contract marketing person can update your web page. Today, that
poor neglected computer finds new life.”


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