Linux has a Place in the Enterprise

“Two decades of community development and support have brought
Linux into the mainstream as an enterprise-level operating system
that?s competitive on every level of computing. Linux hosts
workloads of all sizes and types: Web services, databases,
applications, network services, file services, virtualization and
cloud computing.

“With the notable exceptions of Microsoft?s Hyper-V and Solaris
Zones, Linux-based virtualization solutions are the standard in
contemporary data centers. And, the world?s largest cloud computing
vendor, Amazon, uses Xen virtualization for its services. Though
it?s rare outside of Internet Service Provider (ISP) realms, you
can run ?Zones? virtualization on Linux too. Zones, containers or
jails are a popular method of securely compartmentalizing Linux
applications from one another. ISPs use containers to separate
users from one another on shared systems for shell access. It?s an
effective and secure method of leveraging inexpensive hardware over
dozens of users.”

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