Linux Journal: A Conversation with Dr. Pamela Coker

“My brother and I started Acucorp about ten years ago, and we
basically started with the idea that there were many Cobol
applications out there that needed to be moved to new

“… we created a very portable compiler–it’s more portable
than Java.
We used the same type of technology that Java does,
but we have had it running for approximately ten years. It’s
portable across approximately 600 platforms–every form of UNIX
including Linux. Plus, it’s portable between Linux and NT or, in
the old days, DOS or Novell Networks. The idea of “write once and
run anywhere” is something we’ve believed in and had for ten

“Most of the money that’s been spent on fixing Y2K programs has
gone toward fixing Cobol programs. About 80% of the money has been
spent on Cobol programs. It has actually been a boon for our
business, because it means people are re-investing in these
applications that are running their businesses.”

“We haven’t had a huge market here in the U.S. yet, but in
Germany in particular, we have a strong Linux following. Linux is
very big in Germany. Also, it’s now spreading quite rapidly into
France. I did Linux interviews almost two years ago in Europe, so
Linux publications were already there at that time.”