Linux Journal: Just What is “Linux Hysteria”?

New report purports to go “beyond Linux hysteria” but
misses much of forest for trees.

“Sudden success almost always produces a certain delirium–both
for those profiting and those merely watching in awe. Sudden
success also tends to produce new conventional wisdoms, upon which
a whole new set of fictions can be erected. New World Orders, New
Economic Paradigms, etc. were variants of some of the more popular
ficciones of the nineties.”

“So, in many ways, a brief published by Forrester Research that
attempts to look beyond the Hindenberg-like stock valuations of
Linux companies like Red Hat…and VA Linux Systems…is a welcome
voice in the continuing conversation on the fate of companies
looking to make money on the open source operating system. But
while the Forrester Brief presents a few valuable reminders about
open source business models, its overall understanding of the Linux
phenomenon is limited to Linux proper and fails to see the more
important connection between Linux and open source.”