Linux Magazine: A Dimming Bulb

“Back in 1985, in my last year of graduate school, I was lucky
enough to get a ‘real’ office, including a door, a lock and key, a
telephone, and a shiny, new Sun 3/110 workstation. After
timesharing with the general population on VAX 11s for three years,
the Sun machine was a godsend: a bitmapped screen, shell windows,
and all the processing power of a 16 MHz 68020. (Man, those were
the days!)

“I continued to use Sun machines up through the early ’90s (in
1992, I switched from scientific computing and supercomputers to
shrinkwrap software and personal computers). I had many of the Sun
3 computers and an early SPARCstation, and was always impressed
with Sun’s hardware and software…”