Linux Online: Columnist Writes Dumb Op-Ed Piece Against Massachusetts

[ Thanks to Michael Jordan for this
link. ]

“As someone born and raised in Massachusetts, I’m proud of my
home state. I’m proud that we were the only state to vote against
Richard Nixon in 1972. I’m proud that we were the first colonists
to tell George III where to stick his taxes. This eventually led to
the rest of the colonies declaring their independence and our
becoming the United States. So I’m glad that as of January 1, 2007,
the citizens of the Bay State are also declaring their independence
from Microsoft, leviers of their own ‘OS Tax’ and the biggest
tyrants to sail into Boston Harbor since 1776.

“Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn, after some years of working out
the details, has finally come up with a plan to free the state from
Microsoft’s closed, proprietary formats. Like his colonial
counterparts, Mr. Quinn sees the wisdom in declaring independence
from King Bill…”