Linux Times: Alan Nugent: Insight from Novell’s CTO

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“In this interview by Preston St. Pierre, Alan Nugent, Novell’s
CTO, speaks on behalf of Novell on their Linux strategy. Innovation
is on the way at Novell, with a next-generation desktop in the
plans. Internally, the Linux migration is on schedule, and the
staff are wholly in favor of moving away from Windows.

Preston: Why did Novell choose to shift to the Linux

Alan Nugent: Novell’s core business
traditionally has been network operating systems. NetWare used to
be the market leader in the early 1990s. Because of competition
from Microsoft, as well as some loss of focus within Novell, we
lost that lead. NetWare revenues remained a big part of Novell, but
were declining at a 14% year on year rate…”

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