LinuxInsider: Linux V2.6 Scales the Enterprise

“If commercial Unix vendors weren’t already worried about Linux,
they should be now. Linux has seen wide deployment in datacenters,
generally as a Web server or a file server, or to handle network
tasks such as DNS and DHCP, but not as a platform for running
mission-critical enterprise applications. Solaris, AIX, or HP/UX
typically get the nod when an application demands the highest
levels of performance and scalability. The recent release of a new
Linux kernel, v2.6, promises to change that.

“The v2.6 kernel ushers in a new era of support for big iron
with big workloads, opening the door for Linux to handle the most
demanding tasks that are currently handled by Solaris, AIX, or
HP/UX. The new kernel not only supports greater amounts of RAM and
a higher processor count, but the core of device management has
changed. Previous to this kernel there were limits within the
kernel that could constrain large systems, such as a 65,536 process
limit before rollover, and 256 devices per chain. The v2.6 kernel
moves well beyond these limitations, and it includes support for
some of the largest server architectures around…”


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