LinuxLookup: SOHO: Freedom in a Tux

[ Thanks to John D’Andrea for this
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“Large corporations and foreign countries seem to be garnering
most of the attention in articles regarding the value of moving
from proprietary software to open source programs. One sector that
has not received a great deal of attention is the SOHO, or small
office/home office. This is probably justified because the group
does not tote the multi-million dollar budget of the huge
enterprises. However, with the increasing scope of what can be
accomplished with broadband connectivity, a little business sense,
and a love for adventure there may be hope for daredevils like
myself to find liberation from big business. How? We reduce the
financial risk by embracing Linux as a tool to do more for less
from the comfort of our homes.

“On message boards Linux users often discuss freedom in terms of
software licensing and intellectual property, while the community
itself is becoming a viable foundation for another definition of
the word. The ninth listing in my copy of the American Heritage
dictionary states that freedom is ‘a right or the power to engage
in certain actions without control or interference’ and this
adequately explains the feeling of entrepreneurship. Many people
would like to one-day move from being an employee to being their
own boss. Linux is the platform I have chosen to use in making that
dream a reality. Critical areas of concern were reliability, cost,
and support…”

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