LinuxPlanet: .comment: Leveraging Linux

“There will probably be no .comment column the week
after the first negligence suit is filed against a firm whose
negligent action is the use of Microsoft software when they should
have known better, with the result being a client’s confidential
documents having become public.

It is difficult to type when one is laughing oneself into a
total thoracic muscle cramp. And I’m not sure I’ll be able to get
it out of my system in a week.

But seriously, folks . . .

I got to thinking about this when I learned that a law firm I
know is about to embrace Outlook as its email client. One need to
have paid only very little attention over the last couple of years
to know that if one wishes to keep a secret, one does not want it
ever to pass through Outlook or to reside on a machine where
Outlook is ever used. (The firm gets its IT services from an
outside outfit, which typically means someone for whom it was an
MSCE or the Army, and the Army said no. There are exceptions, but
in my experience there is not a dimmer string of bulbs on the
planet than that made up of MSCE certificants.) It will be no
particular surprise to hear that confidential client documents have
hitched a ride out of the firm on some SirCam variant.”


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