LinuxPlanet: Inside the Novell Linux Migration

“It is open knowledge that Novell, the company that
roared into the open source arena by purchasing Ximian and SUSE in
2003, has been progressing towards migrating their own internal
desktops and servers to a pure-Linux play. Or, at least, as pure
Linux as possible.

“Details of Novell’s migration have been sketchy, but in a
public presentation to attendees of Ohio LinuxFest, company
specialists gave a rare look inside the ongoing move to Linux and
laid out one possible framework for other companies to follow in
their own migration plans.

“Dan Rusek and Mark Richards, both category specialists for
Novell, provided a tag-team presentation on how Novell’s migration
was planned and how it is being implemented now. Novell has chosen
to tackle two facets of migration: one, the shifting of its Provo,
Utah data center servers to more of a Linux environment and two,
the migration of its employees’ desktops at its Waltham,
Massachusetts headquarters from Windows to Linux…”