LinuxPlanet: Linux, SiteScape Save the Green

“When you hear the phrase ‘saving the green,’ do you usually
conjure images of saving the environment? Or, perhaps, saving
money? Green is a color associated with these elements, so it there
can be a pause when this phrase is heard, until one can figure out
the context.

“In the case of one government agency’s use of Linux and some
very flexible collaboration software from SiteScape, both instances
of the phrase can certainly be true.

“The Standards Council of Canada is a small government agency,
relatively speaking, but their job is very important to the
maintanance and setting of official standards both in Canada and
internationally. The Council, which employs less than 100 people,
nonetheless is comprised of a very large number of Canadian experts
and academicians who volunteer their time to examine and debate
critical standards on behalf of the nation of Canada…”


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