LinuxPR: Call For Papers — LinuxTag 2000 Stuttgart, Germany – 29th of June to 2nd of July 2000

“Having 5000 to 7000 visitors in the year 1999 LinuxTag was the
largest Linux exhibition in Europe. The audience we address are
people who use computers in private, educational or business
oriented settings, putting an emphasis on those having little
experience using Linux. During the days from Friday to Sunday in
addition to the exhibition, talks will be given. As in the year
1999, the event will be free of charge both for the exhibition and
the talks. The talk should take about an hour of time.”

All topics around Unix/Linux are of interest, especially
those who let the beginner get acquainted with Linux and its
, e.g.

  • Introduction to Linux/Unix
  • Presentation of programs and their configuration.
  • Real life experiences using Linux.
  • Presentation of distributions or concepts, that might be
    interesting for end users.
  • System Administration.
  • Introduction to scripting languages.
  • Programming under Linux.”