LinuxPR: ID-PRO AG founds business unit for training

The german Open-Source consulting and service provider
ID-PRO AG has founded an independant subsidiary for the training

“By founding ID-PRO Training GmbH LINUX- and Open-Source
consulting and service provider ID-PRO AG has created an
independant business unit covering the training and certification
sector. With Berno Janssen, aged 47, as managing director of the
100 percent ID-PRO subsidiary, a competent expert with rich
experience in the UNIX-training sector has been employed.

Step by step, the company will organize training courses at all
ID-PRO branches and will , in accordance with its mission, also
contribute to the development of open training and certification

“LINUX has been established as an essential part of the IT-world
and has evolved to offer the most interesting alternative to
Microsoft’s products. As a result an enormous demand for training
which addresses users, administrators and developers has arisen.”
says Janssen. “Besides the growing range of applications software
for LINUX, the availability of qualified training will be the
decisive factor for the succesful deployment of LINUX in companies
and authorities. With regard to this we are willing to take
responsibility as one of the leading LINUX- and
Open-Source-consulting and service providers in the German-speaking