LinuxPR: Jagged Alliance 2 To Be Released On Linux

“Sir-tech Canada today announced that Tribsoft will be
developing a Linux port of Sir-tech Canada’s Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance 2 puts you in command of a team of
highly-skilled mercenaries as you struggle to free a small country
from the rule of a ruthless dictator.
A mix of strategy,
role-playing, and gun-blazing tactics, Jagged Alliance 2 features
non-linear gameplay, over 200 sectors to conquer, scores of
characters, and thousands of lines of digitized speech. Jagged
Alliance 2 for Linux will be bundled with the new Jagged Alliance
2: Unfinished Business expansion pack.”

“The growing acceptance of Linux is one of the most important
trends in this industry,” said series creator Ian Currie. “We’re
extremely pleased that Tribsoft will be bringing Jagged Alliance 2
to this platform.”