LinuxPR: We Want Linux!

Visit http://www.wewantlinux.org and participate in our

We Want Linux, a self-funded non-commercial group of IT
professionals, would like to see the computing consumer have as
many options in the marketplace as possible, and so we’d like to
see those who have an interest in GNU/Linux be able to try out a
demo machine in stores like CompUSA and Best Buy, the same way they
can right now with Windows.

We also feel the potential GNU/Linux desktop user ought to have
the same opportunity as those who use Windows, that is, to buy a
computer with GNU/Linux pre-loaded and thereby avoid the hassle of
installing an operating system. To these ends we’ve created a web


for the purpose of surveying the computer-buying public and
determining how much demand there is for off-the-shelf computers
with GNU/Linux pre-loaded. We invite you to visit the site and
participate in the survey.

Once we’ve gathered a significant amount of survey data, we
intend to present our findings to the retailers in the hope of
persuading them to demo GNU/Linux in their stores.


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