LinuxProgramming: Review: Simplicity Professional 1.2.1 Java RAD and IDE Tool

“Simplicity Professional provides an incredibly cool and an
incredibly frustrating Integrated Development Environment and Rapid
Application Development tool. Doing both at once is quite a feat.
With most applications, it’s quite easy to tell whether you like
them or not. With Simplicity Professional, though, some parts
really shine, but the product displays some quirks that make using
it more difficult….”

“As an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, the goal of
Simplicity is to provide one centralized tool from which you can
develop, compile, and test Java code, including servlets….”

“Long ago, IDEs were supposed to enable non-programmers to get
into programming. For the most part, IDEs have failed at that goal.
Instead, IDEs have succeeded at helping experienced developers who
are comfortable with the IDE style of development do their work
more quickly. A lot of this is a matter of personal style. Many
prefer the command line to an IDE. For example, emacs and similar
tools have also helped experienced developers do their work more
quickly. So, it’s important to align IDEs with developers who feel
productive with the IDE style of development.”

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