LinuxStockNews: Exclusive Interview with Bernie Thompson Of VistaSource, Inc.

[ Thanks to Geoffrey
S. Zub
for this link. ]

LSN – What applications, products, web
properties, etc. are still contained within Applix?

BT – Applix has an outstanding portfolio of
e-business solutions in the form of iEnterprise, iTM1, iHelpDesk,
which together give companies the power to interact on a one-to-one
basis with thousands or millions of customers; be able to store,
process, and connect the resulting information to internal data
systems; and be able to analyze that huge body of data to forecast
and predict trends, so as to serve the customer better and with
higher efficiency. …”

LSNDo you have any plans for an IPO,
spin-off or sale of VistaSource?

BTWe launched the creation of the new
company on April 24, with the intent to complete our spin-off
through an IPO
and distribution of the remaining public traded
stock to Applix shareholders. We’re focused our work needed to make
this happen. “

LSN – Looking forward, where do you see the
company going in terms of new products and services for the Linux

BT – In both the Linux and ASP markets, the #1
problem is lack of great applications. We intend to drive the
growth of Linux and web-accessible applications by applying our
technologies strengths and great experience in writing applications
towards solving more and more of these outstanding needs over time.
By doing so, we drive a feedback loop which grows the markets and
increases our own opportunities again in return.”


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