Managing Services on Linux with systemd

[ Thanks to Carla Schroder for this
link. ]

“My earlier piece, ‘Here We Go Again, Another Linux Init: Intro
to systemd’ discusses the concepts behind systemd and what it is
supposed to do. Now it’s time to learn how to use it to control
services on our systems. systemd is backwards-compatible with
sysvinit and Upstart, so you can try it out by installing it on any
Linux that uses sysvinit or Upstart without a lot of extra work.
Arch Linux, Debian, and OpenSUSE all include systemd in their
software repositories.

“A conspicuous omission from distros that support systemd is
Ubuntu. There are various reasons given for this, and I don’t care
because I’m tired of geekfights and just want to get on with
things. Another way is to fetch yourself a copy of Fedora 15 or 16,
which runs systemd by default.”

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