Mobile OS Wars: Tech Titans Jobs and Rubin Trade Barbs

“The mobile operating system smackdown is revving up, as
Google’s Android czar, Andy Rubin, appeared to tweet a cheeky
response to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who dissed the open source mobile
OS during an earnings call last night.

“On a conference call to detail earnings for the third-quarter,
in which Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones, Jobs said Apple’s
(NASDAQ: AAPL) integrated approach is better for users and
developers, compared to the open source strategy of (NASDAQ: GOOG)

“”Google loves to characterize Android as open and iOS as
closed. We find that disingenuous,” said Jobs during the call. “In
reality, the open versus closed debate is a smoke screen of the
real issue, which is what’s best for the customer, fragmented or
integrated?… Apple strives for the integrated model so users
aren’t the systems integrator. We think that’s a huge strength.
Integrated will trump fragmented every time.”

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