MySQL Server Benchmarking 101

“Benchmarking can be a very revealing process. It can be used to
isolate performance problems, and drill down to specific
bottlenecks. More importantly, it can be used to compare different
servers in your environment, so you have an expectation of
performance from those servers, before you put them to work
servicing your application.

“We deploy MySQL on a spectrum of different servers. Some may be
servers we physically setup in a datacenter, while others are
managed hosting servers, and still others are cloud hosted.
Benchmarking can help give us a picture of what we’re dealing with,
be it an economy smart car, speedy BMW, or high performance NASCAR
racer. Why Benchmark?

“Simply put, we want to know what our server can handle. We want
to get an idea of the IO performance, CPU, and overall database
throughput. Simple queries run on the server can give us a sense of
queries per second, or transactions per second if we want to get
more complicated.”

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