NewsForge: Commentary: Linux is Not Red Hat, And Other Sun-isms Debunked

“Sun Microsystems head honchos Scott McNealy and Jonathan
Schwartz often equate Red Hat with all of GNU/Linux. After
interviewing both of them on Monday during the day-long Solaris 10
launch event in San Jose, I understood their frame of reference on
this matter and many others much more clearly. For the first time
in several releases, Solaris is actually a threat to the other
players in the operating system market, but Sun’s market outlook
and publicity strategy may be working against the merits of Solaris

“The day began with a presentation outlining the new features of
Solaris 10 and how this latest release of Sun’s flagship operating
system stacks up to HP/UX (‘a dead operating system’ according to
Jonathan Schwartz), AIX (‘a dying operating system,’ Schwartz
quipped–I was the only person in the theater who laughed), Windows
2003, and something labeled ‘Red Hat,’ as though Red Hat only
offered one product to fit all situations, and all other GNU/Linux
distributions were insignificant…”