NewsForge: Gartner on Open Source: Fair and Insightful

“The Gartner Application Development Summit began Tuesday
morning with ‘Breakfast with the Analysts.’ Event director Pascal
Winckel helped me locate the table where Gartner Research Vice
President Mark Driver was holding forth. My official track for this
conference has become the Mark Driver track, since he is the
analyst talking about open source.

“During breakfast, I asked Driver if the rumor I had heard about
the two-day follow-on conference for next year’s Application
Development Summit being all about open source was true. He said
that there would be a two-day summit on open source before then. It
will be held in Orlando in December. That was the first pleasant
surprise for the day. Gartner may not be the biggest fan of open
source, but it is certainly aware of its presence…”