NewsForge: Tiemann’s Keynote at EclipseCon

“Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann kicked off Day 2 of the conference
portion of EclipseCon this morning with his keynote on the ‘Eclipse
Tipping Point.’ He started with a well-aimed barb at a well-known
monopoly. Referring to a New York Times story which asserted that
PowerPoint makes you stupid, he told the audience as he began his
talk ‘This is Open Office. I’m going to make you smarter

“For those not familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s 1999 book ‘The
Tipping Point,’ Tiemann spent some time describing what a tipping
point is. He described Paul Revere’s famous ride as an example, and
Linus Torvalds and the rise of Linux as another. He also quoted
Victor Hugo to make his point: ‘Invading armies can be resisted,
but not an idea whose time has come…'”

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