NewsForge: Wine, Desktops, and Standards at LinuxWorld Toronto

“The final day of the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo Toronto
was a busy one. Novell Canada CTO Ross Chevalier delivered a
keynote address on why this year is the year of corporate Linux
desktop adoption–as opposed to all those previous years that
were–the Free Standards Group executive director Jim Zemlin
explained the importance of the Linux Standard Base, and developer
Ulrich Czekalla gave an excellent presentation on the state of

“Czekalla discussed the status of the Wine (Wine is Not an
Emulator) project’s Win32 API implementation for Linux, and gave
his presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint running under Wine.
Czekalla has been working with Wine since 1999, when his
then-employer Corel needed it for WordPerfect and CorelDraw support
in Linux. Czekalla is now an independent contractor, but he says he
spends a lot of time working with Codeweavers on Wine…”