ODF Lies and Whispers

“First up is this case, from a small Baltic republic, where a
rather large US-based software company was recently arguing for the
adoption of OOXML instead of ODF. Here are some of the points made
by this large company in their letter:

“”There is no software that currently implements ODF as approved
by the ISO”

“(They then link to Alex Brown’s comment from Wikipedia). I
think this demonstrates the triangle-trade relationship among
Microsoft, Alex Brown (and others) and Wikipedia, by which
Microsoft FUD is laundered via intermediaries to Wikipedia for
publication. No wonder one of Microsoft’s first actions during
their OOXML push was to seize control of the Wikipedia articles on
ODF and OOXML via paid consultants. In any case, Alex’s claims were
rebutted long ago.

“”ODF has a number (more than a hundred) of technical flaws
which haven’t been addressed for 3 years despite change requests
addressed to OASIS by countries such as Japan and United Kingdom.
There are discussions between OASIS and ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 34
regarding true ownership of ISO ODF, which is a reason why the
flaws in ISO ODF aren’t being addressed. In a recent SC 34 meeting
in Prague a new ISO ODF maintenance committee has been formed
because ISO / IEC 26300: 2006 is not being presently

“This is not true.”


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