Open source awareness growing, but misconceptions persist

“Damien Wong, general manager at Red Hat Asean, told ZDNet Asia
on the sidelines of a media briefing held here Tuesday, that there
was still plenty of room for growth in industry verticals such as
financial services, telecommunications and the public sector, in
which the company was already heavily engaged. Wong joined Red Hat
on Nov. 1, moving from Hewlett-Packard at which he was the
Southeast Asia general manager of software.

“He explained that within each of the verticals, there were
‘varying levels of awareness and acceptance’ of open source
software (OSS). Singapore’s public sector is one example. The
Ministry of Defense here has ‘strong awareness’ and adoption OSS,
but other public-sector organizations still held misperceptions
about open source which he found “surprising”, considering
Singaporean entities were usually forward-thinking in terms of IT

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