Open Source Initiative Landmark

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“The Open Source Initiative (OSI) Board meet this weekend in San
Francisco for its annual face-to-face meeting. There were two
significant topics on the agenda. First, we had to review the
substantial number of nominations for the two Board seats that
become vacant on March 31st when Danese Cooper and Russ Nelson
leave the Board due to term limits after a decade each of

“After a long series of discussions which finally had to come
down to a vote, we elected Karl Fogel, Jim Jagielski and Mike
Godwin (yes, that Godwin) serve as Board members in 2011-12. That’s
one more than the number of vacancies, but we really could not pick
between the three successful candidates so we used our discretion
to create an eleventh Board seat to accommodate all three of them.
If it’s not obvious to you why, just take a look at their
respective web pages!”

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