Out of Africa: Linux in Botswana

Dimane Mpoeleng

It was on the 9th July 1999 at the African IT
Exhibitions Conference (AITEC) in Gaborone, Botswana when I
presented a paper on “Linux in Business”. The presenters were
covering a broader spectrum of the computing field and I was the
only one presenting something on Linux. The audience was very very

Something very funny happened there. I told them how Linux was
very powerful, stable, etc. I was using StarOffice for the slide
presentation. The speaker who followed me was using MS-Power Point
(what else could it be) which crashed once, then shortly after,
Windows crashed with the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). I immediately
stood up among the audience the said “You see, I told you Windows
crashes all the time” .. “

I see LINUX as an opportunity for Africa since it is almost
free. Particularly for most of the cash strapped African


Mr. Dimane Mpoeleng ( Lecturer)
Computer Science Department
University of Botswana
[email protected]