Pour: KDE League Clarifications

[Editor’s Note: What follows is an excerpt from a message
sent by Andreas Pour to the kde-promo and kde-cafe mailing lists
earlier today. This message has been archived on the
site, which is where the Complete Story link will take you.
Linux and Main story to which Pour refers to has also
been updated to include this link to Pour’s responses.

“Some of you may have seen the story… entitled ‘Delaware: KDE
League, federally tax-exempt, is reinstated’. The title is to the
best of my knowledge a lie, and having investigated only the
tax-exempt part of the ‘story’ (I’m currently too busy to spend
much time on responding to this kind of mud-slinging) most if not
all of that appears to be a lie as well.

“Although the story correctly notes that the League has been
reinstated in good standing, it provides a number of new (apparent)
lies. I called the Delaware Office of Corporate Divisions at
302-739-3073 (see http://www.state.de.us/corp/phoneinfo.htm). Here
is what I found out. (BTW, I would *really* like to know who the
‘story’ supposedly quoted from the Del. Sect. of State office, so
that the accuracy of these quotes, which is extremely questionable
based on my conversations with the corporate division, can be
ascertained, and in the event someone actually made these
statements, that they can be retracted and accurate information
provided instead.)

“The franchise tax was filed late this year – the recorded
filing date is April 2, 2002, whereas the due date is March 1,
2002. B/c the payment was late, the office did impose a penalty and
since the payment did not cover this penalty the office did suspend
the corporation. This was done in error, since it was explained to
me that the State’s policy is that not-for-profit corporations do
not need to pay late penalties. When this was discovered yesterday,
due to an inquiry by either the League’s law firm or someone else,
I don’t know, the penalty was reversed; this meant that the
franchise tax had been paid in full and hence the corporation
restored (retroactively) to good standing…”


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