PremisesNetworks/The Wall Street Transcript: Caldera looks to overseas markets; Ransom Love Q&A

“With a soon to be completed acquisition of SCO, Ransom Love,
Caldera Systems CEO, discusses Caldera Systems’ strongest markets
overseas in a Wall Street Transcript Interview…”

TWST: Who would you consider some of your
most significant customers to be?

Mr. Love: On the Caldera side, significant
customers? Cendant is still one of our more significant ones.
They’ve deployed over 5,000 OpenLinux servers for hotel management
throughout their hotel chains around the US.
There are a
number of other major customers. When you look at SCO and what
we’re doing there, because now we are coming together, we’re also
looking at some pretty significant accounts. We can talk about just
about any name. For example, Pep Boys, Pizza Hut, McDonalds;
Rite-Aid and Eckerd Drug on the drug side; Kmart; as far as, on the
finance side, we have, internationally, just amazing accounts. The
Bank of China, the Bank of India, and a number of governments and
related government sites, including The Polish Border Guard. We,
through SCO, will also have the Deutsche Bahn, which is the
railroad in Germany…”

TWST: Hasn’t there been any significant common
distribution or standard up until now?

Mr. Love: No, there hasn’t. The industry
players have been working somewhat on that, but Caldera is
completely dedicated. We’ve got over six engineers dedicated to
creating that reference port, which is a firm implementation
thereof. We will be even more aggressive in working with other
players to make sure that a standard base comes to be very, very

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