PRNewswire: C. Robert Coates Announces Resignation From Inprise Board of Directors

“Mr. Coates resigned on Sunday, Feb. 6, at 8:00 am, prior to
the vote on the merger of Inprise and Corel

“Mr. Coates says he will oppose the merger unless it results
in substantially higher prices for Inprise shareholders
can be shown by Inprise’s CEO to clearly benefit Inprise’s
customers. “Corel has a great Linux distribution, and I wish them
the best in their battle against Microsoft. I would like to see the
two companies form some type of alliance, perhaps like the one
Inprise just announced with TurboLinux.”

“He hopes that the Inprise Board will consider other offers for
parts or all of Inprise Corporation or continue to operate Inprise
as an independent company…”

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