Q&A: Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz on the Solaris 10 Launch

In your weblog, you call Solaris 10 ‘the single biggest
improvement we’ve ever delivered in a commercial operating system.’
What makes it so?
Well, there is probably 100 things that
make it so… First and foremost, we have extended to customers the
ability to run the same safe, protected and scalable operating
system on our existing Unix offerings on Sparc, as well as bringing
to them the first truly vendor-neutral operating system that runs
across Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Sun’s x86, 64-bit systems.
[We’re] not only giving investment protection to our customers, but
also extending the reach of those customers into a new commodity
purchasing opportunity… Second, we’ve really gone back and
revisited the fundamental issues that customers had with their
systems. We all know that the old saw is ‘The hardware I was
running was too expensive, and not only that, I was getting only
15% utilization so therefore I built out a big grid of little x86

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