QuickBooks and Linux: A Server Story

“When it comes to competition between operating systems, a
platform is ultimately only as useful as its applications. For
businesses that use Linux servers for their back-end operations–a
category now growing by double-digits quarterly according to
IDC–availability of applications is often the most significant

“As a result, some organizations find themselves in the
uncomfortable position of needing to support two back-end
platforms: Linux for the majority of network applications, like Web
servers, file servers, e-mail and messaging servers and CRM
servers, and Windows for anything else necessary but unavailable
for Linux.

“For a lot of small-to-medium-sized business, the holdout has
been Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions. Despite its ‘Enterprise’
name, Intuit has aimed the product at businesses ranging from 50 to
250 people. For many businesses, this accounting server is now the
de facto standard for financial organization, but it has been
available only for Windows.

“But no longer–now you can buy Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions
for Linux. Well, with limits…”


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