Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Aims For Government-Ready Security

“During Red Hat’s official launch event for their new Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6) release, executives from the company
focused heavily on new performance gains. While performance and
scalability are key elements of RHEL 6, so too is security.

“With RHEL 6, Red Hat is debuting a number of new features into
its enterprise Linux, including new virtual security services as
well as the System Security Services Daemon. Security services
aren’t the only area of RHEL 6 built for security, as all RHEL 6
packages now benefit from a new 4096-bit RSA hardware signing key
as well.

“”We have applied this most stringent level of encryption and we
use it ourselves for the package signing for all new packages in
RHEL 6,” Tim Burke, vice president of RHEL engineering at Red Hat
told InternetNews.com ” It’s using the best technology we

“The new push for 4096-bit is partially driven by Red Hat’s
increasing engagement with government contracts that have stringent


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