Reuters: Palm IPO seen white-hot, but red flags abound

“‘Palm has zero chance of being the next Cisco or Microsoft,’
said money manager Richard Slinn at San Francisco-based Levensohn
Capital Management. ‘It’s a neat product but it’s not a neat

“… for those who may want to own Palm stock over the long
haul, there may be better investments, money managers and analysts
said. They cited quickly shifting technologies and an expected
explosion of ever-smarter mobile phones that could perform many of
the same functions as the popular Palm device.”

“… some observers have noted that the Palm operating
system may be getting a bit long in the tooth.”

“‘They haven’t penetrated enough of the potential market (which
includes smart phones and the rest of the PDA world) well enough
yet to go out and say we’re going to try to preach the Palm
gospel,’ Slinn said. ‘There’s plenty of room for a better operating
system to come along, like maybe a Linux-based operating system for

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