Russian Public Agencies Choose Mandriva

[ Thanks to Hans J Micheelsen
for this link. ]

“Mandriva today announced that the Federal Service on Technical
and Export Control (FSTEC) in Russia has agreed to authorise the
certification of the Mandriva Linux OS for all safe and legal use
in organizations dealing with confidential information. The
certification process will be finished in 3 to 6 months. This
decision was released during a conference on ‘Information security:
regional aspects.’

“This conference was organised by the Academy of Information
Systems and Federal Service on Technical and Export Control which
encompasses the Ministry of Information Technologies and
Communications of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service of
Security (FSS), Rosinformtechnologies, the Ministry of Justice,
other ministries and federal agencies of the Russian Federation, a
number of regional administrations and ministries and commercial
companies.trations and ministries and commercial companies…”

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