Save your PC: bootable Linux rescue tools

“Linux is now a respected, mature operating system that’s free
and open source, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it has a
generic role as a platform for tools for the repair and rescue of
both Linux and Windows operating systems

“The vast majority of computer users don’t know or care about
the underlying technologies that drive the gadgets and utilities
they access on a daily basis. Most of these users run Windows and
have little idea of what to do when things go wrong. Perhaps the
drive won’t boot or files are corrupted, random messages pop up,
the registry or the file system is broken. The problem may be
blamed on a root kit, a broken program, or a virus. Sometimes the
data is lost, and sometimes the user gets lucky with a rescue disk
supplied by one or other of the anti-virus vendors.

“As often as not these rescue disks will boot a version of
Linux. For instance, the Kaspersky Labs rescue disk runs a version
of Gentoo, Panda Security’s SafeDisk is based on Debian GNU/Linux,
and BitDefender and F-Secure are based on Knoppix; and these are
not the only examples.

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